Westpoint High Velocity Electric Fan

Westpointe High Velocity Electric Fan is a versatile multi-directional cooling fan that can be used anywhere at home, in the caravan or at the camp. It is capable of turning 360 degrees and that is true. This is because you can face it anywhere simply by rotating it in whichever direction you so desire.

The Westpointe high velocity fan runs on 120v and 60 Hz frequency. It is pretty fast and cools very fine. It has timer setting and can be time as long as you wish it to serve you. The operational speed is one-speed on/off setting. It comes in different colors and the grills are plastic sealed.

If you have kids, not to worry, the grill protects the blade from harm. It is an elegant product that can never escape your attention wherever you see it.

This fan fits perfectly into any enclosure whether in the office, in your cubicle or in your apartment. The size of your room does not limit the level of usage of the fan. You can place it on a table, bedside drawer top or on the floor if that satisfies the positioning direction you want the fan airflow to blow.

The adjustable head is tilt-able to your desired direction and do not forger that one of the reasons why people like this fan is its portability. Buy this fan today by placing an order for one unit the High Velocity Westpointe Fan now. Click here to order for one today.

Westpointe Electrical Co Wp 4" Hi Velocity Fan 1002 Personal Fan