Buy The Portable Zisha Slow Cooker 1L


If you must know what makes the Zisha Slow Cooker excellent, then read this presentation closely. Please get original Zisha cooker from reputable stores only. Avoid buying imitation products from Asia.
·         A genuine zisha slow cooker has inner pot which is usually finely processed, technically and skillfully treated to give you the best performance.
·         The Zisha slow cooker contains both minerals and iron in the metal. That is why the cookers are excellent in reducing fat content while you are making delicious food for you and your family or friends at home.
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·         This slow cooker can cook numerous types of deliciously tasty dishes including soups, chowders, stews, meats or just about anything you might desire to slow cook including vegetables.
·         this cooker may look small in size but it is excellent in performance and powerfully convenient in serving its purpose. All you have to do is to simply add your favorite food ingredients to the cooker and turn on to the cooking cycle.

·         After usage, it is easy to clean both the outer slow cooker pot which is the housing compartment and the removable Zisha inner pot.
Those who have used this little cooker testify to its efficiency it does a great job while making delicious meals.
The only complaint about it is that the size is smaller than what every buyer would have liked it to be. If you need this slow cooker for limited usage for a few people then it is good, but for more people, then you need to buy a bigger size to cook enough food to serve.

Zisha Slow Cooker 1L - Additional 10% OFF at time of purchase!  

This Zisha slow cooker does not have any lead content in the crock part of it which is unlike other crock pots imported from Asia. They have high levels of lead which could cause harm to users. This crock does cook a little hotter than others. It is good to keep an eye on it and add water when necessary while cooking for and this is not a big deal.